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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Rheinmetall's Oerlikon Millennium Gun

For a video explanation of the Oerlikon Millenium guns:

Rheinmetall's Oerlikon Gun is a modern take on anti-air flak cannons.

AHEAD (Advanced Hit Efficiency and Destruction) technology enabled guns track the target, predicts were the target is going to be and fires Rheinmetallโ€™s airburst rounds to a time and flight path determined optimal point in front of the target and then explodes, sending 152 3.3- gram tungsten projectiles toward the target.

Taking into account the targetโ€™s maneuverability envelop, multiple rounds are fired at the target in a pattern ensuring that no matter what the target does to try to evade, they will be hit multiple times.

The 3.3-gram projectiles use their own kinetic energy, plus that of the target to damage it. So, the faster the target. the more powerful the impact of the projectiles.

The rounds are not guided, but purchased in volume and aimed at their target by a smart gun, they should be inexpensive and far more cost-effective than short-range air defense missile systems. And at under 1000 lbs per gun,and under 5 tons installed weight, several of these these class of guns could be mounted on any of our warships.

The guns can also fire armor piercing rounds, as well as high explosive incendiary.

For longer range anti-missile defense, bigger caliber guns, 75/76 mm and up, firing guided projectile filled with many hundreds or even thousands of pellets could engage missiles 3 to 4 miles out from the ship, and even farther out with over the horizon targeting. An example of a bit higher caliber gun with guided anti-air projectiles is the 76.2 mm (really 3 inch) Oto-Melara Super Rapid which fire DART guided projectiles for Anti-Air and anti-small boat defense.

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