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More Defense Spending without Reforms Equals a Weaker Defense

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Biden Administration Orders Ideological Purge Of U.S. Military Academies

Republicans Using Same Old Tired Excuse to Avoid Making Tough Votes

Some Republicans in Congress are advancing the argument that the new House rules McCarthy and his team have crafted would likely end up cutting spending on defense or at least the cutting the growth in defense spending. (this weak argument was used by the 18 Republican Senators to justify supporting the $1.7 trillion dollar omnibus bill whose funding of wokeness actually damages our military).

They could be right, but they are 100 percent wrong in the assumption that spending more on Defense without major reforms will get us a stronger defense. In fact, without major reforms, spending more will get us a weaker military with less effective personnel relying on equipment that is lacking both in quantity and quality.

As Jim Jordan noted on Fox New Sunday:

"Maybe if we focused on that, helping the troops who do so much of the work out there for our great country, and maybe focus on getting rid of all the woke policies in our military, we'd have the money we need to make sure our troops get the pay raise they deserve, we have the weapons systems and the training that needs to be done, so we're ready to deal with our adversaries around the planet, that's what we want to focus on," Jordan said."

While Congressman Jordan does not address our utterly failed, grossly ineffective military procurement system that gives us less and less as we invest more and more, he is correct in calling out the woke policies that are:

  • Producing soldiers who are not as capable as those of the past

  • Making the military unattractive to the most capable of our patriotic young men who ascribe to traditional values and meritocracy.

  • A military where advancement is increasingly based on your ability to navigate bureaucracy while adhering to the woke agenda Versus being a capable, mentally and physically tough war-fighter with the ability to lead under dangerous circumstances.

  • Purging the services of our best men and women because they reject wokeness double standards and weakness, and do not want to be subjected to dangerous experimental vaccines.

  • Spending large amounts of money subsidizing such things as transgender surgeries and hormone therapy.

  • Weakening our combat effectiveness by pushing women into combat where they will be at a dangerous disadvantage when going up enemy combatant men. And where they will put the men they are serving along side of at more risk of death or injury, while increasing the chance of failing the mission VERSUS a combat unit comprised of men only.

  • Spending money on greening the military that reduces effectiveness while increasing costs.

For more on how wokeness is damaging our country's military see this Heritage report.

The Rise of Wokeness in the Military

Sep 30, 2022 9 min read

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