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RFK, Jr. Educates Hannity on U.S. Russia Proxy War Being Waged In Ukraine

Updated: May 9

Since announcing his run for the presidency in April, RFK Jr. has been one of the most outspoken critics of the U.S. Russia Proxy war taking place in Ukraine and certainly is the most prominent Democrat opposing the war.

Here are some of his thoughts and comments that came out of the of a televised town hall that took place this Tuesday with Sean Hannity as host:

Here is link to Youtube video that RFK, Jr. comments were pulled out of:


  • There is no chance of Russia losing the proxy war with NATO in Ukraine

  • The West fomented the conflict and it was provoked

  • "Russia's not gonna lose this war. Russia can't afford this – it'd be like us losing a war to Mexico. They are not gonna lose the war," Kennedy said.

  • "Look at what Russia did in Stalingrad in order to preserve its territorial integrity. Russia’s been invaded three times through the Ukraine. The last time, Hitler killed one out of every seven Russians. They’re 400 miles from Moscow. We already have Aegis missile systems within 12 minutes of Moscow. We wouldn’t tolerate that if the Russians did it [like] in 1962 when they put them in Cuba,"

  • "The more disturbing thing," Kennedy said, "is that on two occasions the Russians tried to sign a peace agreement with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky," and both times the West sabotaged it.

    • The candidate pointed to the 2015 Minsk Agreements, which Zelensky expressed interest in before being talked out of it by the US in 2019, and the 2022 draft peace deal reached after talks in Belarus and Turkey. "In 2019, France Germany and Russia all agreed to the Minsk Accords. That year, Zelensky ran for president. He was a comedian. He had no political experience. Why did he win? Because he ran on one issue: signing the Minsk Accords. As soon has he got in there, Victoria Nuland and the White House told him he couldn’t do it," Kennedy recalled.

  • “Then,” in February 2022, Russia sent “40,000 troops in. That’s not enough to conquer the country. Clearly, [Putin] wanted somebody to come to the negotiating table. Russian and Ukrainian negotiators met in Istanbul, hammering out a draft peace deal. After that, Putin in good faith began withdrawing troops from Ukraine. What happened? We sent Boris Johnson over there to torpedo it. Because we don’t want peace, we want war with Russia,” RFK Jr. stressed.

  • When peace was threatening to break out in April of 2022, Boris Johnson rushed over to Ukraine to tell Zelensky not to sign any kind of peace deal with Putin.

The Road to War According to RFK, Jr.

RFK, Jr. also pointed out that that this war can be traced back to the end of has its origins in the end of the Cold War.

  • “We promised in 1992, the Russian leadership said… 'We’re gonna withdraw 400,000 troops from East Germany and we’re gonna allow you to reunite Germany under NATO,' which is a hostile army. That’s a huge concession for them. 'One commitment that we want,' is what the Russians said, 'is that you will not move NATO to the east.' James Baker, who was then secretary of state under [George H.W.] Bush, famously promised ‘We will not move NATO one inch to the east.’ Well since then, we’ve moved it 1,000 miles and 14 countries. Now when we started that plan in 1997, Bill Perry, who was the secretary of defense under the Clinton administration, said ‘If you move NATO to the east, I am resigning because you are forcing the Russians to come to war with us.’ George Kennan, who’s the most important diplomat in American history, the architect of the containment policy [after] World War II, said the same thing. You do not need to make an enemy out of Russia,” Kennedy said.

  • Gorbachev Was Promised Non-Expansion of NATO, His Mistake Was to Believe it

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