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Sending Patriot Anti-Missile Systems to Ukraine a Big Mistake

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Patriot (MIM-104) is a long-range, all-altitude, all-weather air defense system designed to counter tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and advanced aircraft, not swarms of cheap drones.

Patriot Missile systems are complex to operate and maintenance intensive. Operating them effectively requires extensive training, and that training is not available in Ukrainian. Even when properly operated, they are not a good fit for taking on masses of cheap drones. Further, Patriot systems are designed to protect strategic assets against sporadic attack as part of a multi-tier air defense bubble. Consequently, deploying Patriot systems on their own without other layers of air defense risks undermining their survivability and effectiveness.

The above is a high-level summary of what Army Air Defense Artillery Officer Geoff LaMear concludes about plans to deploy Patriot systems into Ukraine.

LaMear further notes:

"The truth is Patriot systems are as likely to stop the drone threat as a water balloon is to stop a forest fire. The mismatch is too great. And Washington's persistence despite that reality is a blunder that will prove costly."

Russia would be certain to put a high priority on targeting exposed Patriot Systems.

Finally LaMear warns because of the complexity of the employing Patriot systems:

"Patriots effectively would require embedding U.S. personnel with these missile batteries. Doing so risks U.S. casualties and a direct U.S.-Russia confrontation that could easily escalate."

For more details on just how big a mistake it is to send Patriot Systems to Ukraine see Geoff LaMear's article at:

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