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Taiwan Stiffed On $14 Billion in Weapons While U.S. Gives Away 10's of Billions to Ukraine

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Taiwan is still waiting to receive over $14 billion in weapons it purchased from the United States in 2019. Meanwhile the United States continue to send what seems to be an endless flow of weapons and dollars to Ukraine for which U.S. taxpayers will never be repaid.

Indeed, the U.S. Army just awarded Raytheon Missiles and Defense a contract worth as much as $1.2 billion to deliver six National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System batteries for Ukraine. The contract makes up up part of the fifth Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative package for Ukraine and will help ensure that U..S taxpayers continue to foot the bill for a conflict taking place in Europe's backyard.

While most everyone supports Ukraine's continued status as an independent free-nation, many Americans are questioning why the U.S. has been bearing the vast majority of the costs, about 62 percent of the total, including 70 percent of the military aid and 66 percent of the humanitarian aid. And reporting that some of the U.S. Taxpayer dollars given to Ukraine may have found their way back into the 2022 election to help fund the Dems does not make our funding of a proxy war against Russia any more attractive.

If Biden's the "Big Guys" request for another $37 billion is approved, in less than a year the US. will have committed over $100 billion to Ukraine. Meanwhile, Democrats are agonizing over where they can get $10 billion in weapon's financing for Taiwan over the next 5 years and Taiwan has yet to receive the $14 billion in weapons it already paid for back in 2019.

Finally, with the kind of corruption Hunter Biden and his father have been involved with, including many dealings in Ukraine, is it time to question the reasons behind Biden's seemingly unlimited commitment to Ukraine and his unwillingness to support serious negotiations? And is Biden's current no-negotiation, de facto policy of trying to force regime change in Russia really in the United States' best interests?

What happens when Russia completes its 300,000 person mobilization and merely providing $10's of billions of dollars of military equipment to Ukraine is no longer enough to stop Ukrainian forces from being overrun? Does the Biden administration, continuing its policy of escalation, actually start putting U.S. jets in the air over Ukraine and boots on the ground? And what would be Putin's response to that?

One things we can be sure of, as long as billions of dollars of poorly accounted for dollars continue to flow into Ukraine, courtesy of the Biden administration and his Democrat allies, Zelensky's motivation to seriously negotiate with Russia is much reduced.

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